Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Babies are one!! What a year!

The babies turned one on 2-12.  We had a wonderful party with friends and family!  I cannot believe they are already one!! Thanks to Miss Nicole the decorations were awesome!!  Thanks so much Aunt Lindsey for the awesome cakes and cake pops!!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year all 5 kids really enjoyed every part of the season!!  We celebrated with many family and friends.

Since the babies tubes were placed they have been much healthier we made through the Holidays with only a few colds!  However Feb brought about bronchilitis and a terrible virus!  I am glad all three are well right now.
Tyler man is growing so fast!  He is taller than Ally!  He is really enjoying indoor soccer with his dad coaching!  He is always outside with his friends no matter how cold!  He loves riding his electric scooter he got for Christmas!  He turned 6 on Dec. 14th had a great party with friends and family!  Aunt Lindsey made him an awesome shark cake for his bowling party thanks Aunt Lindsey!

All 3 babies are crawling everywhere!  We had to take down the big gate and give them a larger area to roam!  They love to look out the front door most mornings you will find all three standing there!  They are all cruising on furniture and love walking behind a toy!  We have finally given up bottles and are all loving milk in sippy cups!  I am looking forward to warmer weather to get outside more!!  They love to go out anywhere and are regulars at Barleycorn's and Big Boy!  We all went to Bass Pro this morning and Ally counted how many people stopped to talk with us and in one trip out (also went to Big Boy for lunch) we were stopped 30 times!!

Ally is really loving taking gymnastics and playing indoor soccer.  I can not believe my little girl will be 8 in just a few weeks!  She is very excited about her upcoming all girls party!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

9 Months

We made it to 9 months!  Babies, Siblings, and Parents are still in tact. 

Macy:  18 lbs
Miles:  16.7 lbs
Max:   16:11 lbs

We are finally down to 3 bottles per day, per child.  Bad news is we are up to 3 meals a day. 

Macy:   She is crawling, and pulling up to her knees.  She cries if she doesn't get her way.  Likes to steal toys from her brothers any chance she gets.  Really enjoys eating puffs vs. baby food.  Prefer's feeding herself over being patient enough to wait for us to feed her.

Max:  Rolling to get around.  Not crawling yet.  Get's left behind but enjoys sitting up and playing.  He has changed a ton since he got tubes in his ears.  Now laughing out loud and saying DaDa.  Much happier boy!

Miles:  Escape artist.  Into everything at all times.  Crawling, pulling up.  Likes to eat.  First baby to say MaMa.  Enjoys playing with anything that is not a toy. 

Tyler:  Really enjoying indoor soccer, playing with friends.  Went deer hunting with Daddy and Manny.  (Mr. Tim)  We are going back for a second try this Saturday morning.  Lost his first tooth.

Ally:  Enjoying gymnastics and playing with friends.  Doing very well in school.  Really likes to shop with Mommy however doesn't like the same clothes as Mommy.  Quite the Diva.

Litmer Triplets came to visit today:

 Daddy let Tyler play soccer in the house!

Monday, October 24, 2011

8 Month Post: Ear Infection, Ear Infection, Stomach Virus, Ear Infection

It's been a rough 60 days at the Smith Household.  The good news is the triplets are getting tubes on Thursday.

Macy:  18 lbs:   Very happy baby for the most part.  Double ear infections over the past two months haven't slowed her down as much as the boys. She is started to crawl and can sit on her own.

Maxwell:  16 lbs:  Sick.  Pitiful. Perferated ear drums, still have infection after 2 shots of penicillian and 3 oral anitibiotics.  Child can't get a break.  He sits up all by himself, and loves baby food.  His favorite time is lunch and dinner

Miles:  16 lbs:  Loves anything that is not a toy.  Can get anywhere he wants, at anytime.  He is an escape artist at an early age.  Double ear infections and stomach viruses..  Getting past it though.

Tyler:  He recieved a special hand written note from Mrs. Holzmacher (principal at St. Joes) about what a great student he is and that he so nice to others.  He's doing well in kindergarten as well as soccer.  He starts a U8 boys indoor team in the next two weeks.  He likes Karate class as well.

Ally:  Gets nothing but A's on her report cards!  Decided to start playing aggressive soccer this year and has scored several goals.  Her team has made it to the finals this weekend in the local Spooktacular Soccer Tournement.  Very proud of her!

Mom:  Tired
Dad:  Tired
Nicole: Tired
Tim:  Tired

My sister Kelly had her baby and I have a new nephew Jack was born on 10-21 he weighed 7lbs 10oz and is adorable!

We spent 10 days in Destin Florida a few weeks back with some great friends.  9 bedroom beach house, 12 kids under 8 years old.  Good times.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 months and counting!

We made it to 6 months!!  Babies are doing very well.  All babies are sleeping in their beds (most of the time).  We have officially cut our bottles in half from the beginning and are now eating cereal mixed with baby food twice a day.  It's quite a process.  Macy cries between bites because we can't get it in fast enough for her liking.  Max loves his cereal.  It's his favortie time of day.  Always smiling at cereal time.  Miles doesn't really care either way.  Just sits and eats it because it's put in front of his mouth. 

Macy Lynn:  16 lbs
Miles West:  14 lbs
Maxwell Louis:  14 lbs 10oz

Ally and Tyler both started school this past week.  Ally is loving 2nd grade with Mrs. Reinhart.  Tyler is very happy and is now a big kindergartner with Mrs. Hamm.  Ally has lost both front teeth and looks very cute with one big girl tooth coming in on top.  Tyler started Karate class and seems to be really enjoying it.  We are starting soccer season this weekend.  Should be fun!

The Three Amigos
 Macy Lynn
 She found her thumb!
 Mutt and Jeff
 Cereal Time

 Cereal Time
 Miles is almost mobile
 Clean Boys
 The Toothless Princess
 Tyler and Max

First Day of School